30 Day Breath Journey

Coming Back Home to the Ground of Being

Breathe 3 times a day for 30 days to reset long standing patterns and come back home to the ground of being.


The intention of this 30 day Breath Journey is to offer an anchor throughout the day to plug into as an opportunity to reset the breath and begin again. Each time with more compassion for what it is to be human. 

I will guide 3 breath practices everyday for 30 days (Monday thru Friday). 

7:30 - 8 AM EST (Live and Recorded on Zoom)

12 - 12:15 PM EST (Live on IG)

4 - 4:15 PM EST (Live on Zoom)

 We spend most of our lives in auto pilot. Changing deep rooted patterns involves consistent practice and frequent pauses to connect to the breath throughout the day. When we can find ways to stay in relationship to the breath, we stay in deeper relationship to ourselves and the now. 

"The essence of unfolding happens through short glimpses repeated many times." Chogham Rinpoche


For more information on how the breath impacts our nervous system, read my article in YogaTherapy.Health


"I don't think anything has been as impactful for my overall well being...like ever. Alicia's Breathwork Apprenticeship and the daily Breathwork practices have helped me better connect with myself and others. It's inspired me to work differently with my clients and students and honestly, Alicia is just really lovely to sit and listen to." 

Carrie Dennison, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Rieki Master

 "Alicia is a treasure among treasures. I feel incredibly grateful to have found her. She brings breadth and depth to her teachings, drawing from an impressive array of traditions and approaches including Yoga, Qigong, Somatic Experiencing, and Parts Work, to name a few. I am often astounded by her knowledge, and wisdom in drawing upon that knowledge. How can one person hold so much? Alicia's background as a Trauma Therapist combined with her profound empathy allows her to bring highly skilled safety and attunement to the Breathwork Practices. She creates a container that allows for grounded trust, expansion and transformation, a rare combination. I consider it to be a real privilege to be one of Alicia's students and a member of her Breathwork Sangha."
Sara Silvia, Therapist
"I feel blessed to have been part of daily breath work practice with Alicia for the past year. It’s a unique experience to be gently and expertly guided into the body, accompanied by breath and in concert with others. I would call it the ultimate nervous system daily tune up, with the benefits that last throughout the day. I loved the structure of a daily routine, with flexibility built in to breathe in a way that suits my needs. Alicia is a gifted teacher with a big heart, with years of practice and ages of wisdom to share."
Julie McCarter, LCSW

30 day Breath Journey 3x/day (Mon - Fri)



7:30 AM - 8:00 AM EST live (and recorded) practice on Zoom

12:00 PM - 12:15 PM EST Live on IG

4:00 PM - 4:15 PM EST Live on Zoom

Monday - Friday for 30 days beginning 1/2/23

*Current Breathers no extra cost

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My life's work is to learn to connect into more relational softness so that I can be truly present. The more work I do on myself, the more I see just how much work there is to do. I am clear that I won't get through it in this lifetime but I hope to leave the world with a little less separation and disconnection.
A huge part of what helps me show up with more capacity and softness is my relationship to the breath. I met my breath for the first time in a hot, crowded yoga studio where I pushed past my limits in an effort to feel something other than the pain I was in. It was a healthier way to self injure than the other strategies I had found AND I was breathing for the first time in my life. Like actually consciously breathing. 
My life and yoga practice expressed itself in the polarities. It was a high pitched fervor of "doing" to the point of collapse. There was no in between and very little nuance and certainly no listening to my body. I was there to be told what to do even if it hurt me. 
After several years of overdoing it, the injuries began to speak up. I tore my hamstrings and contributed to some serious wear and tear on my shoulders. I distinctly remember the first time someone told me to move more gently....she was a massage therapist who was helping me heal my injuries. I didn't really know what she meant but I began to explore the ideas of being gentle with myself.
Over the years my practice has slowed and softened into yin and restorative practices, and woven into Buddhist teachings - all of which have laid the groundwork for this body of work. I have learned to use the breath to animate and corral my rage, embody softness and rest into something bigger. My breath has accompanied me into some dark, scary places over the years. 
I am profoundly grateful for that fateful day in the hot studio in Boston many moons ago. The gift of a relationship to my breath has been EVERYTHING. To be clear, my breath is not something I control or manipulate, it's an entity that guides me, nourishes me, helps me let go, sit in the mess and set boundaries. Sometimes it's available and sometimes it's not. What I have found is that the more I consciously interact with it, the more it shows up for me when I need it most. 

My biggest takeaway is that breathing in community is profoundly nourishing because it's the knowing that we are not alone in the hard that is THE healing.