Sensate Focused Breathwork for Couples

Breathwork to build safety and coherence through pleasure and connection.

The sessions are designed to support the needs that arise through connection. It's a conversation attuned to the non-verbal. A place to practice slowness, pleasure without performance and arousal without demand. 

The practice is best explored in 90 minute sessions because time and space are central to our capacity to connect. 

Each session begins with 15 minutes grounding and centering followed by time to connect to feelings and needs. 

Alicia then guides a breathwork practice centered on the sensual touch experiences and the feelings and needs that continue to arise.

We will be exquisitely attuned to whatever is arising and hold it with care. 

Your dyad will then be invited to rest alone AND together. 


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To reach out with questions or to book an appointment, email Alicia.


Each session is 90 minutes for $250. Or commit to the 7 sessions for $1650.